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Semi Refined Paraffin Waxes (SRP Wax)

Paraffin waxes are separated from crude oil during the production of light (distillate) lubricating oils. The categorization of each wax corresponds to degree of wax refinement, and the various steps are as follows: slack wax, scale wax, semi refined paraffin wax, and finally fully refined paraffin wax. Semi refined paraffin waxes contain less than 1.5% oil compared to fully refined paraffin which typically contains less than 1% oil content. SRP waxes have water-like clarity (especially in thin films) and are odorless. SRP waxes have melting points spanning low, medium, and high temperatures. They consist predominantly of long straight chain hydrocarbons and are crystalline in structure, with molecular weights ranging from 360 to 420, with an average carbon content of 26 to 30 atoms. SRP waxes are inert, insoluble in water and alcohol, and only slightly soluble in absolute alcohol.  

Uses for Semi-refined Paraffin Wax:
  • Candles, torches, tapers, matches, floor polishes
  • Car polishes, corrosion protectors
  • Electrical industries, cable filling compounds
  • Tires and rubber products, as ozone protection
  • Paper production
  • Carbon paper, crayons and pencils
IRM semi refined paraffin waxes. White, odorless, tasteless. Melting point range: I30°F (55°C) to I50°F (65°C).

Semi Refined Paraffin

Melting Point
Melting Point
Technical Documents
MSDS Safety Documents
Indrawax 5456-SC 131 Avg
129 - 133
55 Avg
54 - 56

Indrawax 4850-SF 118 - 122
48 - 50

Indrawax 5658-SC 132 - 137
57 Avg
56 - 58

Indrawax 5860-SC 136 - 140
59 Avg
58 - 60

Indrawax 6062-SC 140 - 144
61 Avg
60 - 62